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    首頁    How to make you understand the circuit diagram in three steps

    How can a novice understand the circuit diagram when learning it? How do students with poor physics knowledge understand circuit diagrams? The following editor of Youtu.com has compiled a three-step method to understand the circuit diagram for your reference!

    How to make you understand the circuit diagram in three steps

    1: Make full use of basic physical formulas and laws. Formulas and laws can never be wrong, any waveform, any change in current and voltage can be explained with basic knowledge. Why does the MOS tube switch have a delay? Because of the principle and structure of the MOS tube, there must be a capacitor inside. Why is the voltage measured on the ground wire not 0? Because the ground wire also has a certain resistance. Why is the transistor saturated? Because both PN junctions are positively biased, the IC is not controlled by IB. Get to the bottom and try to use the formula to explain every phenomenon.

    2: See more and analyze the circuit diagram more. The easiest way is to search for circuit diagrams on Baidu and read them one by one, enough for you to watch a day. Then pay attention to error correction to see if the use and value of the components are correct, and there are many things on the Internet that are wrong.

    3: Turn the idea directly into a schematic diagram and the schematic diagram directly into a circuit board. Now boarding is much cheaper than before, 10 double-sided is about seventy or eighty, which is just a few meals. Many students are obsessed with the circuit in their minds every day. It is not until they realize that there is a problem here. There are also problems. Some people are still in their seniors and still play the breadboard every day. They can’t even grasp the soldering iron. Even if the board is dead, you can analyze it on the oscilloscope to study the problem.

    How to master the working principle of circuit

    (1) Analyze the main circuit. From the main circuit, according to the control requirements of each motor and implementing electrical appliances, analyze the control content of each motor and implementing electrical appliances, such as basic control links such as motor starting, steering control, and braking.

    (2) Analyze the auxiliary circuit. Look at the auxiliary circuit power supply to clarify the role of the various electrical components in the auxiliary circuit and their mutual constraints.

    (3) Analyze the interlocking and protection links. Production machinery has high requirements for safety and reliability. To achieve these requirements, in addition to a reasonable choice of drag and control schemes, a series of electrical protection and necessary electrical interlocks are also set in the control circuit.

    (4) Analysis of special control links. In some control circuits, some special links that are not closely related to the main circuit and control circuit and are relatively independent are also provided. Such as product counting device, automatic detection system, thyristor trigger circuit, automatic temperature adjustment device, etc. These parts are often self-made into a small system, and the method of reading and analyzing images can refer to the above analysis process, and use the learned electronic technology, communication technology, automatic control system, detection and conversion knowledge to analyze one by one.

    (5) Overall inspection. After rounding to zero, and gradually analyzing the working principle of each partial circuit and the control relationship between each part, you must also use the method of set zero to round to check the entire control circuit to see if there are any omissions. Finally, it is necessary to further check and understand the connections between the various control links from an overall perspective to achieve a clear understanding of the role, working process, and main parameters of each electrical component in the circuit diagram.

    How to make you understand the circuit diagram in three steps

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